Bootstrap 4 and Sass Media Queries for Responsive Web Design

Bootstrap 4: Media Queries using Sass

Bootstrap 4 is currently under construction and will most likely hit the scene very soon. This is a comprehensive rewrite and major changes are being made. There is no definite release date just yet. But before it ships, let us explore some tricks with the new expanded grid framework and media queries.

Object Oriented CSS (OOCSS) and Sass

Object Oriented CSS (OOCSS) with Sass

The concept of Object Oriented CSS was conceived by Nicole Sullivan and has since become one of the most widely adopted methodology of writing neat and manageable CSS. The objective of this methodology is to make CSS as reusable as possible by making it modular and generic. The mantra is Don’t Repeat Yourself (DRY).

Embedding Google Maps using Markup

Schema markup is a semantic vocabulary for HTML that tells search engines what your data means. Google and all other major search engines can sift through the microdata, present it more prominently in search results and augment it with rich snippets. Schema markup can tremendously boost SEO when applied correctly. Unpacking the Demise

Dugdugi: The Death of a Startup

Dugdugi was arguably the hottest startup in Bangladesh for a while. Emerging out of StartupWeekend, it was one of the very few ideas from such business-model presentation competitions that launched into the market. With a meteoric rise, the launch of an outstandingly polished web app, massive contracts with the largest labels in the country, it … Continued

Bulletproof CSS3 Dropdown Navigation Menu

Bulletproof CSS3 Dropdown Navigation Menu

One of the most critical aspects of web design is the navigation. The navigation, above all else, must be clear, usable and cross-browser compliant. But the tragedy is in the fact that most websites have awful navigation designs that make content difficult to navigate to.

In this tutorial, we are going to build a fabulous cross-browser dropdown navigation menu with the help of some advanced CSS3 properties.