Introducing Harbour: A Premium Theme for WordPress

This entry was published on 28 April 2009 and may be out of date.

Harbour is my first submission to Envato’s theme marketplace, ThemeForest. It is a WordPress theme designed for personal and business blogs.

Harbour is the product of a month of sleepless nights and endless hours of work. I am very happy with the result and I was very excited when it was approved for sale.

The Idea

Inspired by a postcard sent by a friend from Australia. I loved the colours so much that I thought it would make a great website template. I started playing with Photoshop and came up with a neat and clean design in a few hours.

Desire for passive income

One of the main driving forces behind all the hours I put in was the desire to make some passive income. A few sales at ThemeForest could generate a steady stream of income.

I have been following a few popular designers at the Envato marketplaces and have seen them make quite a significant income. I thought I would use my spare time to make something to make a bit of money in these tough economic times.

Something to show for myself

Every designer wants to entend their portfolio and add as much quality work as possible. A premium theme in an Envato Marketplace is a good addition to the portfolio.

Also, it provides quite a bit of exposure in the design community, which has been one another driving force behind this theme.

Visit to see more screenshots of the Harbour Theme.


Harbour is a very smart theme. It takes 2 minutes to install and customise the theme to fit your needs, whatever it may be.

  • It uses Cufon for text-replacement so the your brand-name and the tagline are automatically generated. There is no need to edit and slice the PSD to change logo and tagline!
  • The CSS is incredibly modular and makes modifications very simple.
  • The PSD files are layered and grouped. It also contains guides and slices for your convenience!
  • The Theme Options let you customize your theme to your needs.
  • You can design your own theme based on Harbour in a few minutes. Just follow a few simple steps as shown in the Documentation.
  • Clickable, interactive Widget-ready sidebar.
  • AJAX Live Search for ease of use.

There is a working live demo if you want to look in depth.

The cause

The money from the sales will go to my University fund. Please help me get a qualification whilst making your weblog look and feel new.

It is reasonably priced at 25USD. If you are feeling like your blog needs a refresh, please consider purchasing the theme. Thank you.

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2 responses to “Introducing Harbour: A Premium Theme for WordPress

  1. Nice clean theme. I purchased.

    What plugins are used?

    The “recent posts” in sidebar does not work by default, do I need to install plugin?

    If I dont want to use cufon, where do I need to go to remove? i see quite a few references.

    I also will be using a template for home page, where do I remove all the “if home” php? I see in css for body, however, once removed, home page still calling body home. Index.php?


  2. Hi Joey, Thank you purchasing the theme.

    No plugins are used in this theme. Some every smart snippets are used to generate “related posts” and such.

    If you want to remove Cufon, open header.php and remove lines 33 and 34. Open template.js and remove lines 13-24. Also, open footer.php and remove line 21.

    I am not sure what you are trying to do there with the home-page but I believe you need to go to wp-admin > Settings > Reading and set a static page as your home page.

    Thanks again for purchasing the theme. Give me your URL so I can have a look of what you have done with it.